Promoting British Values

From September 2014 we are required by law to demonstrate that we promote ‘British Values’, specifically:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

The ethos and values of Granville Sports College permeate every aspect of school life and the British Values listed are already woven in to the way we operate as a learning community. We have a clear set of traditional values which we work hard to encourage in the whole school community:

We believe:

  • How we learn is as important as what we learn. We have high expectations in our classrooms but still have room for fun and enjoyment
  • Everyone has the right to learn and feel safe at all times
  • We treat each other with respect and that our school is a happier place if we are all polite and courteous and treat each other as we like to be treated
  • Each of us is responsible for our antics and behaviour and that we can learn from our mistakes
  • School is a place of work and that wearing our uniform correctly, being punctual and getting into good habits are all excellent preparation for working life.

We promote British values in everything we do at Granville as we constantly focused on developing and equipping our pupils to achieve their best in all areas of life. The sort of people they become is important to us and as “a small school with a big heart” we work hard to promote the values and attitudes that will enable our pupils to contribute successfully to life in Modern Britain. Some of the ways we promote British values are:

  • Clear and consistent school rules where pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and accept the consequences of their decisions. We believe that pupils should learn from their mistakes as well as successes but that we should reflect on how our behaviour impacts on others.
  • Incidents of bullying are rare at Granville but where it happens; we will deal with quickly and assertively. We will not tolerate racism or homophobia in any form.
  • We have a very strong emphasis on pupil voice at Granville are very proud of with our democratically elected house system, house council, Pupil Parliament and pupil SLT.
  • We believe positive relationships should underpin everything we do as Granville and we work hard to promote a culture of mutual respect.
  • We provide opportunities through the curriculum, assemblies, form Tutor time, and PSHCEE lessons to discuss issues relating to the world we live in and prepare pupils for the diversity and richness of life in modern day Britain.

About us

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