Creative Arts

Head of Department and Teacher of Drama - Mr S Jolley 
Teacher of Music - Mrs G Jackson, Mr D Jackson
Teacher of Art – Miss T Shearer

We are passionate about the Arts at Granville and as such, they form a central part of our broad and balanced curriculum. We believe that studying Arts subjects enriches pupil’s lives and provides opportunities for them to develop essential skills such as creativity, empathy, self -confidence, as well as encouraging them to think about and connect more deeply with the world around them.

The Creative Arts Faculty is staffed by specialist teachers in Music, Art and Drama. We have a drama studio, green room, bespoke music room, art room and school stage on which we host a variety of musical and theatrical productions. Extra-curricular productions are a strong feature of the Arts team work. There is an annual year seven show in which all our new school pupils are encouraged to perform. The show is always full of slapstick humour and a mixture of solo and group musical pieces. The GCSE Drama group put on performances on a regular basis and also take part in trips to the theatre to support their curriculum work.

Pupil leaders run a drama group at lunchtimes with Mr Jolley’s guidance, whilst the opportunities in Music are almost endless. The Music room throngs with young people every break and lunch time. Pupils are able to join in singing groups, the brass band, the guitar club, Musical Theatre Society and so on. The peripatetic music service also supports a wide range of music lessons that parents can pay for.

The Art room is always open for pupils to develop their work and skills. Miss Shearer runs visits to art galleries and regularly encourages pupils to enter competitions. In a recent World War I centenary competition, Granville pupils took second and third place.


Design Technology & Computing

Head of Department - Mr S Edwards 
RM Teacher  – Mr C Sykes 
DT Technician – 
Textiles Teacher - Mrs S Woodward 

ICT,Business Studies and Computer Science Teacher - Mr C Baillie 
ICT,Business Studies Teacher - Mrs S Wright 
ICT and Business Studies Teacher - Miss N Warren


Design Technology

At Key stage 3, all pupils participate in Resistant Materials, Graphics, Food and Textiles, developing a range of different skills. In studying all aspects of Design & Technology, pupils can combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking, to design and make products and systems that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They also learn to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team. Through Design &Technology, pupils develop confidence in using practical skills and become discriminating users of products. They apply their creative thinking and learn to innovate.

CAD/CAM technology allows pupils to experience the way in which design is undertaken in industry. This has definitely enhanced the quality of the products which they create. The department uses a variety of software ranging from Techsoft 2D Design to Solidworks.

At KS4 pupils have the opportunity to further develop their skills with the new GCSE Design Technology course which encompasses the skills and theory Resistant Materials, Textiles and Graphics. The course has a coursework component that accounts for 50% and an end of year examination.

GCSE Food and Nutrition offers the pupils the opportunity to further develop their skills and understanding with practical and theoretical inputs. Pupils will complete two assessments in Year 11, one being science based and a practical based assessment as well as an end of year examination. Pupils are also encouraged to join the schools events team who gain valuable experience by providing catering and refreshments at school events.

Computing and Business

The computing curriculum offers the pupils a wider experience and understanding of both computer programming and computer applications. As a department, we aim to continually improve the challenging curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of all pupils and provides an interesting and exciting experience.

Through Years 7 and 8, pupils develop their skills in a range of ICT applications before experiencing more focused sessions in Business Studies, and Computer Science in Year 9. This will enable them to make informed choices for their GCSE options.

At key stage 4, we offer GCSE Business Studies. This includes coursework components that are completed in school as well as end-of-year exam. OCR GCSE Computing from OCR is proving to be an engaging subject for those who wish to choose a different path which is more focused on programming languages and how a computer works. Again, this includes coursework completed in school, as well as an end-of-year exam.

There is also the opportunity at Key Stage 4 to become an ICT prefect, helping out with extra-curricular clubs during lunch times and taking extra responsibilities with helping younger year groups with classwork.



Head of Department – Mrs S Glover 
2nd in Department – Miss H Wallace / Miss S Howard
English Teachers – Mr W Rea / Mrs L Holding 

The English team are roomed in close proximity to one another in the school building. This allows the staff to work very effectively as a team.

At Key Stage 4, all pupils study the new AQA 9-1 GCSE English and English Literature course.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum allows pupils to develop their reading, writing, and speaking and listening skills by undertaking a series of thematic and skills-based units throughout each year. All pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 have a fortnightly library lesson and follow a “Rooted in Reading” scheme that encourages wider personal reading and rewards them for reflecting upon what they have read. In addition, pupils who are still struggling to make sufficient progress with their reading are buddied up with reading mentors and spend one registration period a week developing their skills. We have a whole school literacy policy in place which requires all staff to actively teach for literacy across the curriculum.


Health and PE

Heads of Department - Mrs J Wilson and Mrs K Brickley 
Teacher of PE - Mr J Goddard, Mr R Tilley

Teacher of Citizenship, Character and Well-being – Mrs V Sidwells



As a Sports College, PE, Sport and Dance is a very strong feature of the curriculum at Granville. We have maintained a two hour core entitlement for PE, unlike many other schools that have reduced their PE and Sport provision. We offer a range of traditional competitive sports such as football and netball and also have the benefit of a fitness suite and a dance studio.

We run lessons using the sport education model and encourage all pupils to participate in every session. If a pupil is not able to join in for medical reasons then they are expected to contribute in some way, for example by giving feedback on other pupils’ performance, scoring games or officiating in small game situation.

Leadership is now a strength across the school but had its beginnings in PE through the Sports Leadership qualification which a huge number of our older pupils now take.

Our sports leaders are also involved with the primary schools, supporting after school clubs as well as planning and delivering an annual Mini Olympics festival. Thanks to Mrs Brickley and Mrs Sidwells, Dance has developed rapidly at Granville. We now have a number of different groups who train on a weekly basis and give regular performances at different venues. We host an annual dance festival and enter several different acts in the Dance in the Forest open air performance at Rosliston Forestry centre. Our girls and boys have won a number of prestigious competitions as we go from strength to strength.


Unlike a lot of other schools who run Citzenship or PSHCEE Education through form time, we believe that these important subjects are best delivered by subject experts who have had training in the sometimes difficult and sensitive issues that are discussed in these lessons.

Therefore we run Citizenship, Character and Well-being where pupils have a variety of different experiences. Some of the important messages are delivered through external theatre companies who come into school. Other sessions have been run by the prison service, police and the school nurse team. We agree with the change in emphasis from SRE to RSE (Sex and Relationship Education to Relationship and Sex Education) that the new Derbyshire framework has proposed because we are working hard to support pupils in developing respect for their own and others’ bodies and right to privacy.

Health & Social Care Cambridge National qualification levels 1 & 2 are offered as an option at KS4. This subject looks at working in a care environment with young children, the elderly and people with disabilities. Pupils often go on to study Health & Social Care level 3 at college and pursue careers in the care sector.


Head of Department – Mr C Mulgrew
2nd in Department – Miss S Hewart 

Maths Teachers – Mr M Everard, Mr C Smithson, Miss N Warren

It is essential that we support our pupils by developing their mathematical and numerical skills to allow them to achieve their potential in their GCSE examinations. Achieving a good GCSE grade in maths opens many doors to future career choices, and increasingly more and more employers are raising their entrance requirements to include a grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths.

In recent years, the maths department has developed a more problem-solving approach to learning the subject as many pupils find it difficult to transfer simple ideas to different contexts. There is also now a renewed emphasis on basic numeracy and mental maths.

In addition to the work done in maths lessons, weekly activities are undertaken in tutor time to support the development of numeracy skills. This is often in the form of puzzles and quizzes and pupils can work individually or collaboratively in engaging and enjoyable activities but at the same time developing their numerical skills.

To support their studies, we ask that parents provide their child with some basic equipment so that our pupils can access all maths topics. This includes:

  • A scientific calculator
  • A set of compasses
  • A 30cm ruler
  • A protractor



Head of Faculty – Mr J Rothwell 
Science teachers – Mrs C Metters, Mrs R Durrant, Mrs D Aram 
Science technician - Miss A Wilson

The science faculty is based in five laboratories and the team is comprised of fully qualified biologists, chemists and physicists to ensure we can meet the needs of our pupils.

The KS4 curriculum used to be very diverse ensuring that all pupils were able to access an appropriate course. Pupils who want to go on to study sciences at A level and beyond have the opportunity to take three separate sciences. Those pupils who prefer an approach which is more coursework and research based were able to study via the BTEC route. This is no longer an option due to government interferences and need for progress 8 scores. The courses now available are the three separate sciences and a double award science.

The team is also ably supported by Mrs S Wileman (Academic Mentor) who works predominantly in the science area with pupils who require some more specific interventions.

Selected pupils have the opportunity to be Science Leaders. This year they are chosen from a KS3 group and a KS4 group. These pupils will form the basis of the science council which gives the department a pupil voice. Last year they also created a science questionnaire which was completed by over 200 randomly chosen pupils again to give the Science department an insight of what pupils think. They assisted Mrs Metters with the transition work at the local Primary schools and last year when science had intervention for PP pupils they worked with Mr Kesterton. 

World Studies

Head of Department - Mr M Adler 
MFL & 2nd in Department - Miss C Phillips and Mrs N Wasif 
Geography Teacher - Mr C Harwood 
History Teacher - Mr M Adler 
History/Geography Teacher - Mr G Norton

MFL Teachers - Mrs S Pratt/ Mr C Todkill

Teacher of RE – Mr J Biddulph

The World Studies faculty brings together the EBACC subjects of Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography and RE.

In MFL we currently offer two European languages, French and Spanish which are taught by two specialist Modern Foreign Language teachers. Our aim is to equip pupils with the skills and confidence they will need to communicate effectively in another language.

In Humanities, pupils study both Geography and History up to Year 9 and have the option of specialising in one at GCSE or continuing with both. Lessons cover a range of topics at KS3 from map skills and climate zones in Geography through to the Battle of Hastings and the crimes of Jack the Ripper in History.

The Principal aim of RE at Granville School is to enable pupils to participate in an on-going search for wisdom, through exploring questions raised by human experience and answers offered by the religions and beliefs of the people of Derbyshire and the wider community, so as to promote their personal development.

All pupils are encouraged to attend one of our many educational visits to enhance their learning. These include day trips to London, local castles and museums as well as residential visits to Castleton, France, the WW1 battlefields or Spain.

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