Our vision is best summed up by the school’s mission statement which shows Granville is committed to: 

  • Raising standards of achievement and creating opportunities for all pupils, regardless of needs to develop their full potential and improve their life chances
  • Raising the aspirations of the whole school community by creating a culture of continuous learning which celebrates success at all levels
  • Developing a school that is the pride of the local area where pupils, parents, staff, governors and wider community feel safe, valued, listened to and welcomed for the diverse contribution they make to our school life

Our ethos

Central to our ethos is the belief that how pupils learn matters just as much as what they learn. We are known as ‘The small school with a big heart’ because we believe academic success is best achieved when pupils feel safe, happy and cared for.

Underpinning our vision is the belief that high expectations of pupil behaviour are the foundation on which school improvement is made. Standards and outcomes will continue to improve when pupil behaviour is excellent.  Calm and well-ordered classrooms allow good teaching to occur day in day out. We believe all pupils should be challenged to achieve their best, no matter their background or ability. 

Our rules and Code of Conduct are based on old-fashioned British values and a common sense approach.  We treat each other with respect and know that our school is a happier place if we are all polite and courteous and treat each other as we like to be treated.  We encourage pupils to be responsible for their own behaviour but accept young people will make mistakes and should be encouraged to learn from them.   We maintain at all times that Granville is a place of work and wearing our uniform correctly, being punctual and getting into good habits are all excellent preparation for working life.

Teaching and Learning are at the heart of what we do and have improved significantly at Granville.  We believe lessons are about learning and we challenge pupils to do their best every day, but there is still room for laughter and enjoyment. Granville is developing an ‘open door’ approach to teaching where all teachers are passionate about working collaboratively to improve their practice and create a vibrant climate for learning. 

Our broad curriculum enables pupils at all levels to succeed.  We have a wide range of GCSEs including EBacc and more practical subjects such as Dance and Drama. We are proud to be an inclusive school with both achievement and care at the heart of what we do.

About us

The school office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm during term time.