Anti-Bullying at Granville


The aim of our anti-bullying work at Granville Sports College is to create a supportive, caring and safe environment where pupils and staff can learn and work without fear of being subjected to bullying.

Bullying is a form of anti-social behaviour; it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The following definition has been adopted by the school:


“When a person’s or group of people’s behaviour is repeated over a period of time, and leaves someone feeling one or more of the following:


• physically and/or mentally hurt or worried;

• unsafe and/or frightened;

• unable to do well and achieve;

• vulnerable, alone, unimportant and/or unvalued.


this could be bullying.


When a person, or group of people, has been made aware of the effects of their behaviour on another person, and they continue to behave in the same manner, this is bullying.”


Our school recognises that bullying which is motivated by prejudice is a particular concern. This includes racist, sexist and homophobic bullying and bullying related to perceptions about disability and/or special educational needs.


How we deal with bullying

The school will take the following steps when dealing with concerns about bullying:


• If bullying is suspected or reported it will be referred to a member of the pastoral team (e.g. form tutor, Assistant House Leader, House Leader).

• An investigation will take place and notes taken from all those interviewed.

• Parents and other relevant adults will be informed as appropriate

• Where bullying occurs outside school other relevant agencies will be informed and actions taken.

• Sanctions will be used as appropriate. These may include a detention, social inclusion or exclusion, whether fixed term or permanent.


Pupils who have bullied will be helped by:


• discussing what has happened;

• discovering why they became involved in the incident;

• establishing the need to change;

• informing their parents;

• the use of specialist interventions and/or referral to multi-agency workers.


Preventing bullying at Granville

In order to reduce the frequency of bullying at Granville the school will:


• raise awareness of the nature of bullying through assemblies, form time, Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education (PSHCEE) lessons and informal discussion;

participate in national and local initiatives such as Anti-Bullying Week;

• seek to develop links with the wider community that will support inclusive anti-bullying education;

• discuss specific strategies with pupils and implement them as appropriate, subject to available resources.

• engage with the pupil body to implement strategies to improve our detection of bullying incidents how they are dealt with.

• conduct surveys of pupils and parents to ascertain and respond to the current bullying picture at Granville.


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In September each year a new pupil anti-bullying body is set up which covers all year groups at Granville. We aim for there to be one from each tutor group and these Anti-Bullying Ambassadors act as the pupil stakeholders in our drive for improving our anti-bullying work at the school. These are enthusiastic pupils who are determined to make Granville Sports College a bully-free zone. Beyond pupils, the anti-bullying group is also made of teachers, cover supervisors, pastoral staff and governors in order to gain insight on the issues being discussed in the meetings from a variety of perspectives.

The group meets up to once a half term, with several meetings devoted to our work that is undertaken during anti-bullying week. Recent meetings have also focussed on the need to reduce verbal bullying across the school and how to the school community should deal with sexting.  In the previous academic year the pupil body also designed our new pupil-speak Anti-Bullying and e-Safety policies.



Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week is a key time in our school calendar as it provides the perfect opportunity to focus all our attentions on promoting the message of making Granville a bully-free zone. During Anti-Bullying Week there are formal anti-bullying lessons initiated in many subject areas. So each subject delivered a lesson that contained an anti-bullying twist. For example in Maths the pupils analysed and graphed the results of the recent anti-bullying survey, in Geography the impact of immigration and how this relates to bullying was discussed and in Art anti-bullying T shirt designs were created and made.


Beyond these lessons, an anti-bullying assembly was delivered to each House group and further anti-bullying activities were completed during tutor time. Each of these was designed to make our message at Granville Sports College loud and clear is:





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